Why we exist

Do you feel less confident teaching science or math than you do history? Do you want your child to experience the joy of artistic expression or a new language, but your skills lie in English? Or maybe it's completely the other way around for you! Friendly Educators was established in the 2012-2013 school year by parents just like you, seeking to bridge the gaps we all have through a distinctly Christian educational enrichment program dedicated to excellence.


Class begins on Aug. 18 and ends on Nov. 17 for 26-week courses and Dec. 8 for 30-week courses (schedules are noted with each course description). Fall break is Nov. 3, and there will be no class on Nov. 24 for Thanksgiving. For the spring semester, class starts on Jan. 12, 2016. We will take a spring break on March 8 and conclude the year on April 12 for 26-week courses and April 26 for 30-week courses. If we need a make-up day for bad weather, classes will end one week later (April 19 for 26-week classes and May 3 for 30-week classes). Generally our classes last for the entire year, but there are three this time that meet only one semester.