Registration details for 2017-18

Click each of the tabs below to read our policies, see registration dates/times, and find out how to register your child.

BEFORE CONSIDERING REGISTERING FOR FRIENDLY EDUCATORS, PLEASE READ OUR PROGRAM POLICIES AND “TOP 10 REASONS.” We do have requirements for both students and parents, and you will want to be sure you are able to meet those before paying for classes.
(See Read Me First for our entire policy document.)

***Parents are required to stay on campus with children who are 8th-graders or younger.

***Teenage drivers must remain on campus until their last class is over.

***A parent/grandparent and all high school students must attend a mandatory orientation either on Monday, Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. or Monday, Aug. 21 at 9 a.m.

***Payment must be made in full for the year at registration. There will be no refunds given, so please choose your courses carefully.

Registration is now being held by appointment only. The next available appointments are on August 1st. This will be our final registration for 2017-18 classes. Send an email to to sign up.

Questions: Send an email to

Location: Friendly Ave. Church of Christ, 5101 W. Friendly Ave.

  1. WE ONLY DO REGISTRATION IN PERSON. Print and fill out the registration form below and attach a check for your family registration fee made out to Friendly Educators. The NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee is $85 per family, regardless of the number of students.
  2. Print and fill out the class choice form below for your children. If your child has an open hour, you must sign him or her up for study hall or indicate that you will supervise during that time. High school students attending class without their parents MUST attend study hall during any open hours.
  3. Bring your checkbook with enough checks to pay each teacher separately for the full year’s tuition. You will be asked to write two post-dated checks (8/22/17 and 1/9/18) per teacher. If there is a supply fee for the class, you will also write a check with the registration date for that amount. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE! We will help you fill out the checks correctly, so you don’t need to do that ahead of time. Just be sure you have up to 3 checks available per class.
    ***Or, choose our cash option. You may pay the total amount upfront in cash, but you must have EXACT change. Please divide your cash into three envelopes per teacher: supply fee (if applicable), fall, and spring.
  4. If you are taking a Mom class, print and fill out that form as well.
  5. Fill out our online parent and student info forms by clicking the buttons below (under 2017-18 Data Forms). This will make your in-person registration go faster. It does NOT mean you are signed up!

Download the forms needed for registration:



2017-18 Data Forms


If you are a current family registering for 2017-18, you will need to login and complete the parent form. This will update your information in our database so it is correct when you arrive. This will make your in-person registration go faster, but FILLING OUT THIS ONLINE FORM DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR FRIENDLY EDUCATORS. We only do registration in person.

When you have completed the parent form, complete one (1) child form for each child in your family. This will update them in our system. If the child has not been enrolled previously, please use the “NEW CHILD FORM” below.

If you don’t have, or have forgotten your password for CCB, click the button below to retrieve it.

Current Parent Form
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If you are a new family registering for 2017-18, you will need to complete the parent form. This will enter your information in our database so it is available when you arrive. This will make your in-person registration go faster, but FILLING OUT THIS ONLINE FORM DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR FRIENDLY EDUCATORS. We only do registration in person.

When you have completed the parent form, complete one (1) child form for each child in your family. This will update them in our system.

New Parent Form
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New Student Form
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GeographyK thru 2Arant10:00 AM
NC History6 thru 9Arant1:00 PM
American Girl3 thru 5Arant2:00 PM
Psychology9 thru 12Arant11:00 AM
Biology9 thru 12Black8:30 AM
American Govt/Econ9 thru 12Black10:00 AM
U.S. History9 thru 12Black1:00 PM
*Advanced Biology (2:00-3:25)9 thru 12Black2:00 PM
Scene Acting7 thru 12Bryant1:00 PM
*Theatre (2:00-3:25)7 thru 12Bryant2:00 PM
*Robotics (2:00-3:25)7 thru 12C. Chaffin2:00 PM
U.S. History5 thru 8D. Casas11:00 AM
Book Club5 thru 8D. Casas10:00 AM
IEW 3-5 (Dockham)3 thru 5Dockham1:00 PM
IEW6 thru 8Dockham2:00 PM
PreCalculus9 thru 12English10:00 AM
ScienceK thru 2English11:00 AM
Pre-k Music & PEPre KGaynor1:00 PM
Pre-k Music & MotionPre KGaynor2:00 PM
MusicK thru 3Gaynor10:00 AM
Music3 thru 8Gaynor11:00 AM
SAT Prep9 thru 12Hamilton1:00 PM
Financial Peace9 thru 12Hamilton2:00 PM
French III10 thru 12Hobson10:00 AM
French II9 thru 12Hobson1:00 PM
French I8 thru 12Hobson11:00 AM
Beginning French3 thru 7Hobson2:00 PM
Bible Study for MomsMomsLowery11:00 AM
LEGO 6-83 thru 5Lowery10:00 AM
Acting for Camera3 thru 6Meier10:00 AM
Filmmaking7 thru 12Meier11:00 AM
Art3 thru 5Poe10:00 AM
ArtK thru 2Poe11:00 AM
Healthy Living for MomsMomsPoe1:00 PM
Chemistry9 thru 12Raizen8:30 AM
Prayer Team for MomsMomsRoberts10:00 AM
Spanish 18 thru 12Roberts2:00 PM
Spanish 29 thru 12Roberts1:00 PM
Yearbook9 thru 12Spencer2:00 PM
Pre-k 4s&5sPre K/4's/5'sSpencer10:00 AM
Pre-k 4s&5sPre K/4's/5'sSpencer11:00 AM
Chess3 thru 7Stone1:00 PM
Leadership9 thru 12T. Casas10:00 AM
Health6 thru 8T. Casas11:00 AM
Foundations of Lit9 thru 12V. Chaffin10:00 AM
British Lit10 thru 12V. Chaffin1:00 PM
American Lit10 thru 12V. Chaffin11:00 AM
Advanced Lit11 thru 12V. Chaffin2:00 PM
Nature StudyK thru 2Vaughn2:00 PM
Life Science3 thru 6Vaughn11:00 AM
Birding5 thru 8Vaughn1:00 PM
Young LiteratureK thru 2Wall1:00 PM
Pre-k 2s&3sPre K/2's/3'sWall10:00 AM
Pre-k 2s&3sPre K/2's/3'sWall11:00 AM
PhonicsK thru 1Wall2:00 PM
Intermediate Sign Language4 thru 8Wares1:00 PM
ASL 19 thru 12Wares11:00 AM
Beginning Sign Language3 thru 8Wares2:00 PM
Physical Science7 thru 9Weekley9:00 AM
General Science7 thru 9Weekley10:00 AM
Geometry9 thru 12Weekley11:00 AM
Bible Study for 6-8th Grade Girls6 thru 9Weekley1:00 PM
Algebra 29 thru 12Weekley2:00 PM