Ten Reasons *NOT* to Sign Up For Friendly Educators

  1. You would prefer to drop off your kids for classes and not have to stay with them. There are other fine homeschool programs in the area that allow you to do just that!
  2. You are not looking for a Christian program. All of our teachers sign a statement of Christian faith, and they teach from a Christian worldview. We also have a Christian worship service as part of our class day.
  3. You are not comfortable with making a yearlong commitment to your classes. We ask for payment up front and do not give refunds. When you sign up, you commit to us and we commit to you!
  4. You do not have the time to commit to a homeschool group. We are more than a collection of classes; we are a community of friends seeking to support each other in homeschooling.
  5. You do not want to shoulder part of the work of running the group. Our parents help set up, clean up, and otherwise keep things running smoothly on Tuesdays so our teachers can teach.
  6. You need to or would like to pay someone else to fulfill your parent work duties. We do not allow parents to “pay out” of these duties because shared work is part of being in community. If you have a special circumstance (such as a disability) that means you need help with this requirement, please let us know at registration.
  7. You do not want to be held accountable for your commitment. We do make it clear up front that we impose fines on parents who do not show up for their work duties. If you are not there, it means a teacher who has been working hard all day to teach your children must miss chapel or stay late to finish your job!
  8. You do not want your children to have homework and deadlines. We provide high-caliber academic courses that require outside work, and we expect deadlines to be met.
  9. You expect that the teachers will take all the responsibility for ensuring your kids are learning in various subjects. You are still the primary teacher; we are just coming alongside you to help.
  10. You want your teenagers to be able to come and go as they please during the day. In the interest of safety for the entire group, we do not allow teen drivers to leave campus during free periods or lunch. We are all about fostering community, so we also want your teens to be here where they can make friends, be leaders, and serve as role models for our younger students.
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