Galloping the Globe for Grades K-3 (10:00)

Galloping the Globe for Grades K-3 (10:00)

Course: Galloping the Globe for Grades K-3 (2:00)

Instructor: Tonya Murrell


Price: $215

Curriculum: Students need to bring 3 ring binder (we will make a notebook in class).  At home, you will need: a globe, a children’s atlas, a children's dictionary, and a Bible.


Course Description: Galloping the Globe introduces students to the seven continents and selected countries on each continent. While world geography is the primary theme, as students study each continent or country, they learn about famous people (including missionaries), holidays, and animals. While these topics are the primary focus of the course, students also learn about historical events and other science topics, but to a lesser extent. This class is taught by Tonya Murrell, a homeschool mom with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has a history degree from UNC-G and was a high school history teacher in the public school system for 4 years. She was able to leave the public schools when her children were born and begin her homeschool journey. As well as teaching her children, she is with the Bible Bus Program that brings the Bible to 4th and 5th graders in Rockingham County. She is excited to be able to learn through literature with the children. ​(26 weeks)

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