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U.S. Documents for Grades 7-9 (2:00)

Course:  U.S. Documents for Grades 7-9 (2:00)  

Instructor: Christina Stone

Email: inesdecree@hotmail.com         

Price:  $150    

Curriculum: No curriculum at this time

Min/Max:  Max. 10


Course Description: We will be reading governmental documents and examining historical, political, and monetary situations percolating at the time of their formations. We will start with the Magna Charta, move to The Lee Resolution, and continue on from there as time will allow throughout the year.  This class will be substance over form, in that grades will be based on understanding the situations and meanings of the documents rather than just memorization. There will be essay writing but, again, grades will be based solely on comprehension of the material and not grammar, because grammar is someone else’s job.  We will have extra focus on the Articles of Incorporation and The Constitution.  Also, your child will need to have access to the internet for parts of this class. (26 weeks)