Foundations of Acting for Grades 6-12 (1:00)

Foundations of Acting for Grades 6-12 (1:00)

Course: Principles of Acting for Grades 6-12 (1:00)

Instructor: Cassie Bryant


Price: $300

Curriculum: no purchase required


Course Description: Learn the foundations of Acting, Improv, Stage Direction and more while exploring character development, and genre styles in this 26 week course. We will work with scripted scenes, as well as create some of our own. Students will learn about how to work with a scene partner, the significance of body language, and explore the art of storytelling. This class is taught by Cassie Bryant who is a homeschool graduate with 2 homeschool kids of her own. She graduated with a Theatre degree from Berea College. After years of performing, she now teachers Theatre through Greensboro Performing Arts. (26 weeks)

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