Algebra 1 for Grades 8-9 (2:00)

Algebra 1 for Grades 8-9 (2:00)

Course: Algebra 1 for Grades 8-9 (2:00)

Instructor: Natasha Frye


Price: $245 

Curriculum: Math-U-See Algebra 1 Student Workbook, Instruction DVD, Test Booklet, and Instruction Manual

Course Description (and Duration):  Using materials from Math-U-See, your student will progress through 35 lessons covering topics such as: commutative, associative, and distributive properties; order of operations; solving for an unknown with one variable; distributive property; cartesian coordinates; graphing a line; slope-intercept formula; graphing parallel and perpendicular lines and inequalities; solving simultaneous equations by graphing, substitution, and elimination; properties of exponents; addition, multiplication, and division of polynomials; factoring polynomials; and more. Each week we will go over the lesson(s) in class before your student returns home to you to practice the rest of the week and take the test. Before returning to class, they will watch a short video and/or read the book for the next lesson. Samples can be found at This class is taught by Natasha Frye, a homeschooling mom of four girls. Natasha has a B.S. degree in mathematics and an M.Ed. from UNCG. She obtained her NC teaching license and became a tenured high school math teacher for NC public schools before becoming a stay at home mom. Natasha has taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. (30 weeks)