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Algebra ll for Grades 10-12  (11:00)

Algebra ll for Grades 10-12 (11:00)

Course: Algebra ll for Grades 10-12

Instructor: Jennie Weekley


Price: $280

Class Description: Using materials from Math-U-See, your student will progress through 30 lessons covering topics such as exponents, factoring polynomials, the Quadratic Formula, graphing conic sections, word problems and more. Generally the prerequisite for Algebra 2 is at least Algebra 1 and Geometry. Please talk to the tutor before signing up. Each week we will go over the lesson in class before your student returns home to you to practice the rest of the week and take the test. Samples can be found at 

Curriculum:  Math U See

Homework Requirements: Before returning to class, they will watch a short video and/or read the book for the next lesson.

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: Math U See Algrebra 2 instruction pack and student pack plus a TI-84 Calculator (If possible)

Grading: Semester and final grades given.

Teacher Bio: This class is taught by Jennie Weekley, a professional tutor and teacher, who runs her own tutoring business and has a degree in Early Childhood Education from UNC. Jennie homeschooled all three of her children who are now finding success in the college and working world.

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