American Gov./Civics and Economics for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

American Gov./Civics and Economics for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Course: American Gov./Civics and Economics for grades 9-12 (9:00)

Instructor: Cynthia Zielny 


Price: $250 

Curriculum:Economics: Today and Tomorrow (2011) ISBN-13: 978-0078747663 We the People ISBN:  0-89818-218-2 


Course Description (and Duration): 30 weeks 

In the first semester, students will study the structure and philosophical foundations of our governmental system in order to give them a firm understanding of government and citizenship. We will also read original documents, famous speeches, poetry, and court cases. They will learn the divisions of power on federal, state,  and local levels, all while refining their idea of what freedom is and the civic responsibilities that come along with that gift. In the second semester, we will delve into economics and explore basic economic concepts such as what is money, supply and demand, inflation, velocity, and debt. Fun and interactive projects will also be a  tool for learning. Students will do a mock stock investment and a cost of living analysis, really widening their perspective about money and personal financial decisions. This class will be led by Cynthia Zielny, who is a  home school mom of 20+ years and has taught students in the community for the past 15 years. She is a  former Academic Advisor for Classical Conversations Inc. and studied Peace and Conflict Studies and  Philosophy at Guilford College.