Ancient Literature & World Mythology Grades  10-12 (9:00)

Ancient Literature & World Mythology Grades 10-12 (9:00)

*** Please note: This class meets twice a week - Monday and Thursday***


Course: Ancient Literature & World Mythology for Grades 10-12

Instructor: Ms. Callie Cornelius


Price:  $200

Curriculum:  Mythology (Edith Hamilton), The Iliad (Homer), The Aeneid (Vergil), Metamorphoses (Ovid)

Homework Description: Students will read and analyze a variety of ancient texts and write short analytical essays. Expect to spend approximately 2 hours a week outside of class. 

Duration: 28 weeks

Course Description: This course introduces students to the world of ancient literature and mythology from around the globe. Mythology provides a perfect place to learn literary themes and the enduring nature of art in human culture. Students will learn how to read a work in verse, how to study a piece of literature, and how to translate that study into analytical writing. Emphasis will be placed on the reflections of Biblical themes in these stories and the countless references to myths in other works of literature. This class counts as a dual credit in both Literature and History.


Ancient Literature and World Mythology is taught by Callie Cornelius, a homeschool graduate and current college student pursuing a degree in Ancient History with a minor in Literature. Callie benefited from learning from a wide range of curriculum during her homeschool education, including Classical Conversations and Veritas Press. This will be her third year teaching for Classical Conversations and her second year at FE.