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Art- Animals, Color Psychology & Master Artists for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Art- Animals, Color Psychology & Master Artists for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Course Name: Art- Animals, Color Psychology & Master Artists for Grades 9-12
Grade Range: 9-12th
Instructor: Florbela Nienaber
Email:   (Phone: 336-782-1537)
Price: $295 for 28 weeks
Course Description: This year we’ll review the art elements, color theory, color schemes, and then dive deeper into color psychology; while using the animal kingdom as inspiration for middle school/high school levels. Master Artists will be covered from time to time as we discuss topics such as, “what is the blue or pink period?”and how can we recreate that emotion once color psychology is covered. Realism to modern animal styles, with an emphasis on color will be part of our journey. This class will be great for any artist wanting to learn more about complimentary color combinations, limited palette combinations, learning about the effects of color on our mood, etc— but in a fun and interesting way. This is a great class from beginner to advance. The skills learned in this class will elevate your student’s art. It can be helpful for artists pursuing an interest in designing logos, website/media content design, or simply for self expression. Understanding color is especially helpful with studio art (oil/acrylic painting), textile design, interior design, art therapy; for teaching careers, architectural design, illustrations for picture books, graphic novels, animation, or merchandise. If pursuing a creative field at a college level this will be a great stepping stone. 

Course Prerequisites: n/a
Curriculum used by Instructor: Created by instructor. 
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: Use what you have already or you can purchase the following supplies on amazon. Canson (or similar) Mix Media pad 9x12 90-140lbs paper weight—with perforated pages; drawing pencils or 2b pencil; eraser; round dual-tip black zig writer (Amazon) or a wide tip sharpie; Betem dual-tip Acrylic Markers on amazon (These acrylic markers have become a new favorite. The more colors choices the better. Oil pastels would be great for this class too if you have them, and student enjoys working with them. I’ll show them how to use their mediums effectively.) Approx. $30-50 supplies.

Zig Writer Link

Betem Dual-tip Acrylic Markers Link
Note: Plastic tool boxes with handles are great to hold art supplies. If student prefers to create with certain mediums, they can carry multiple supply choices in their art tool box. Plastic accordion folders are great to hold art work when finished, and to turn in for end of the year showcase. I will have additional supplies in case they are needed.

Homework Requirements: 3 hrs of drawing for 1 college credit (if a projects lasts 3 hours it counts). I will assign a specific assignment or students are expected to creative something inspired by what they did in class or finish the project at home. 
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: Will be based on student’s creative and artistic skill growth for the year, any extra work done at home to practice class work, or dedication to class projects. For full credit, students must create up to 3 hrs of art a week (if one project takes 3 hours it counts). Grading will be up to homeschool teacher. 
Course Credit: 1
Teacher Bio: Teacher Bio: Florbela Nienaber attended Valencia Community College in Florida pursuing an education in Fine Arts. In addition she attended local community schools expanding her art skills and mediums.  A mentorship with a Disney Imagineer kickstarted her career in sculpting for Disney and Universal Studios.  Since then she's explored other art forms while raising her children. Inspired by children's literature, she took to creative writing. She got her start writing puppet scripts for her church, which later transitioned to short stories.  She’s attended children's literature writing & illustration conferences. Over the years she’s taught art to budding artists in the community and homeschool groups.  On Mondays you can find her in a classroom at FE teaching art to budding artists, 2021 was her first year and has been enjoying this community ever since. The rest of the week she homeschools her two girls. Her Kernersville home studio is open to art and pottery classes, art camps and private sessions, for both children and adults. Lately she’s been blessed to guide painting events for ladies ministries & fellowship at local churches as well. If you’d like her to come out to lead your church event, you can reach her at 336-782-1537.

Florbela appreciates real life experiences and exploring art on a personal level, without pressure just opportunity, and meeting young children to adults wherever they are on their art journey. Her teaching style focuses on inspiring students by encouraging them to have fun and try something new—she guides, makes suggestions and emphasizes the importance of learning how to observe. Florbela has been known to add other elements of study to her class, if she feels there’s a need to cover something which would benefit students. Through her visual art classes, and real life application, students will start to see how they can use their skills in the real world. The skills they learn in art class and the topics covered in class, can help them get a better understanding of what it means to be an artist. Whether art to them is a means of relaxation from a stressful world. If art to them is a spiritual observation of God’s creation through their God given gifts. Or what art career choices are available as they play with designs possibly used for fabric and textiles; teaching; art historians; life as a studio artist; book illustrators; sculptors; or a platform for graphic art.

Min/Max # of Students: 5/20
Method and Frequency of communication: Every other week by email

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