Master’s Painting for Grades 6-8 (2:00)

Master’s Painting for Grades 6-8 (2:00)

Course: Master’s Painting for Grades 6-8 (2:00)

Instructor: Melissa Bagwell


Price:  $225

Curriculum:  All supplies included. 


Course Description:  In this painting class, we will use the masters of art to help show us how to paint. We’ll start with the understanding of color theory and how to mix paints to create a full wheel of color! Then we’ll set out to emulate a master; using their painting as a model. Their methods and mastery in their paintings will guide our brushes to help us become apprentices, learning from their strokes. Rest assured, being able to draw isn’t a prerequisite… Just give it a shot! You’ll amaze yourself at what you can paint.

This class is taught by Melissa Bagwell. She received a BA from Meredith College, concentrating in her love of graphic design, illustration, and photography. She currently freelances her photography and loves to watercolor. A homeschool mom of 2, she now teaches art to other homeschoolers in hopes of encouraging them in their creativity. (26 Weeks)

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