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Baking 101 for Grades 6-12 (8:30)

Baking 101 for Grades 6-12 (8:30)

Please note - this class is full.


Please note this class will begin at 8:45am and finish at 9:55am.

Course Name:  Baking 101 for Grades 6-12
Grade Range:  6-12th grade 
Instructor: Alex Perez     
Price: $400 for 28 weeks
Course Description:  In this class, students will be able to learn some great baking techniques and recipes. We will be focusing on a lot of different pastries, cookies, tarts and additional menu items commonly found in a bakery. This class will encourage students to explore basic recipes but also give them the confidence to take a recipe and create their own variation of it.
Course Prerequisites: None
Curriculum used by Instructor: Instructor developed 
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families:  None
Homework Requirements:  None
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading:  Not graded 
Course Credit: N/A
Teacher Bio
I’m Alex Perez and I love food, whether it’s cooking it, plating it, or teaching about it. I love it! Speaking of teaching, I teach all sorts of eating...oh I mean cooking classes. 😉

I am excited to share over 18 years of professional cheffin’ experience with children of all ages. I earned my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and from there worked in all sorts of restaurants and kitchen environments, cooking for students, hospitals, CEO’s and even United States Generals. 
 I have 3 (well 2.5)  awesome little sous chefs. When they hear the mixer start or smell something in the kitchen,  they will quickly come running and ask "whatcha making," or "can I help?" Seeing them grow in their knowledge and love for food, is something I am very proud of. They have truly given me a passion for teaching, and while I enjoy teaching all ages, I am most passionate about teaching and learning alongside kids (probably because I am a big kid in a grown-up body).
Each of my students will learn the fundamental skill of reading recipes, as well as the basic, but vital kitchen skills needed to bake any dish. Along the way they will also be learning the science that all chefs learn as we create and play with each ingredient. Food is the tastiest science there is after all. I truly believe that in addition to gaining cooking/baking knowledge, answering the "why" or "how" something happened engages students and gives them more confidence in their new skills. The science behind cooking is often skipped over, but it’s a fun addition to any cooking course. And that’s the key to all of my classes. Fun is a requirement and I look forward to having fun in the kitchen with your student.

Min/Max # of Students: 8/13
Method and Frequency of communication:  Communication when needed will be done via email or in person. 

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