Beginner French for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Beginner French for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Course: Beginner French

Instructor: Popi Makris

Email: popi

Price: $250

Curriculum: Self developed

Homework Description: 1 hour to review the topics we covered and be ready for the next week

Duration: 26 weeks

Course Description: In this fun class, we will explore the French language together. We will learn simple greetings, learn the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, body parts, etc. We will then string words together to form simple sentences that we will use to converse with each other. We will play games, listen to music and read to expose ourselves to a variety of learning mediums. We will also be introduced to simple French grammar. 

A sample video (after 2 minute mark) is here: Beginner French Greetings - YouTube