Beginners Guide to Building a Website for Grades 6-8 (2:00)

Beginners Guide to Building a Website for Grades 6-8 (2:00)

Course: Beginners Guide to Building a Website  for Grades  6-8

Instructor: Connie Kamenz


Price: $185 

Curriculum: TECHNOkids technology project. No purchase required.  All students must come to class with a laptop.  Student workbook  and all required digital files are  included in the price and will be provided by the instructor.

Homework Description: Students will have weekly assignments, approximately 1 - 1.5 hours per week.

Duration: 26 weeks

Course Description: This project based curriculum developed by TECHNOkids teaches students the basics of building a website using HTML and CSS.  This is a beginners course in web development.  Students will first be introduced to the history of the Internet and HTML language  Next, they will manipulate source code to discover the function of common tags and CSS attributes.  This knowledge will be used to help construct their very own web page. Upon completion of the project, the students website will be ready to upload to the Internet.  This is a course for beginners - no prior web development knowledge is required.


Connie Kamenz is a homeschool Mom of 10 years, and previous tutor with Classical Conversations.  She holds a degree in Fashion Technique and Design and spent over 20 years in the fashion industry as a buyer and product developer.  She also holds a degree in Computer Technology and Internet Development and has 3 years experience as a website designer and product manager.