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Let's Talk and Sing in Sign Language! for Grades 3-8 (11:00)

Course: Let’s Talk and Sing in Sign Language! for Grades 3-8 (11:00)

Instructor: Amanda Wares

Email: abwares77@gmail.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: No purchase required


Course Description: In this fun class, we will learn many of the most common vocabulary used in conversational sign language and USE it signing with each other! We will also learn to sign a variety of songs, which is both beautiful *and* beneficial in learning sign language. No prior knowledge of sign language is needed. This class will be taught by Amanda Wares, a homeschool mom of 4. In her pre-homeschooling life, she was a sign language interpreter, with a degree from UNCG in Education of Deaf Children, concentration in Educational Interpreting. (26 weeks)