American Sign Language for Grades 4-6 (10:00)

American Sign Language for Grades 4-6 (10:00)

Course: American Sign Language for Grades 4-6 (10:00)

Instructor: Maria Perrot


Price: $175                  

Curriculum: A variety of resources that I provide the class (books, dictionaries, film clips). Please have a 3 ring binder and pencil pouch.           

Course Description:

This fun class will teach you how to communicate using American Sign Language. The language of the Deaf has its own unique syntax and grammar, as well as cultural and linguistic references. We will learn how to sign to communicate with each other, enjoy some fun games, and maybe even sign a song or two along the way! Loads of useful vocabulary will be introduced, and together we will learn the aspects of American Sign Language that are unique to this linguistic minority group. Maria Perrot has a degree in Deaf Education and Interpreting from UNCG. She has been a professional Sign Language Interpreter for over 20 years, and along the way has interpreted in the public schools, taught at the Central North Carolina School for the Deaf, interpreted for the Deaf community, and interpreted post-secondary classes at many of the local universities. Her specialty niche is theatrical interpreting, and she can be seen performing at many of the area theaters. (26 weeks)  

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