Lego Building Club for Grades K-2 (2:00)

Lego Building Club for Grades K-2 (2:00)

Course: Lego Building Club

Instructor: TIffany Traylor


Price: $125 

Curriculum: Each child will need a Lego classic medium Brick box 


Course Description (and Duration):  Welcome to Lego Building Club! In this class students will be given an engineering challenge to complete with their legos and then will have time to build and present their own designs to the class. The lego challenges will encourage creativity and problem solving while the presentation component will give students the opportunity to communicate their thought process and design. This class is taught by Tiffany Traylor, a homeschool mom of 2 girls. Mrs. Traylor has a B.S. in early childhood education and special education. Mrs. Traylor will have her baby with her in class each week. (26 weeks)