Book Club: Stories of America for Grades 6-8 (10:00)

Book Club: Stories of America for Grades 6-8 (10:00)

Course: Book Club: Stories of America for Grades 6-8 (10:00)

Instructor: Dawn Casas


Price: $200

Book List: A Nest for Celeste (Henry Cole), Another Quest for Celeste (Henry Cole), Little Women (Louisa May Alcott), Across Five Aprils (Irene Hunt), Esperanza Rising (Pam Munoz Ryan), and Blue (Joyce Moyer Hostetter). These may be obtained at a local library or purchased.


Course Description: Using literature set in America, we will focus on literary analysis and rich historical significance of stories from a variety of time periods within American history.  Within these novels, we will discover Audubon’s scientific study and art and experience in the Louisiana bayou, board a Mississippi steamboat and learn about frontier life of young Abraham Lincoln’s family, as well as discover a touch of life of those at home while the Civil War is fought. We will see glimpses of the lives of immigrant farmworkers in California during the Great Depression and the realities of the polio epidemic in Hickory, North Carolina during World War II.  This class will include reading comprehension and analysis activities, group discussions, dramatization, projects, reflective writing, videos, and group activities to enrich our learning. This class is taught by Dawn Casas, a college professor and course developer. She has a Master’s in Education and a Ph.D. in Communication. A former public and private school teacher, she has homeschooled her own daughters for 11 years. She loves a good story and looks forward to reading through parts of US history with the class! (26 weeks)

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