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American Economics for Grades 9-12 (Spring 2020 Only) (11:00)

Course: American Economics for Grades 9-12 (Spring 2020 only) (11:00)

Instructor: Debbie Black

Email: debbieblack@triad.rr.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, Richard Maybury, 2015 (ISBN-10: 0942617649) AND Bluestocking Guide Economics-Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, Jane A. Williams, 2015 (ISBN-10: 0942617657)


Course Description: Basic economic concepts will be explored such as the actuality of money, supply and demand, inflation, velocity, and debt. The philosophy of Classical (Free Market) Economics will be heavily studied. Fun and interactive projects will also be a tool for learning. Students will prepare a cost of living analysis for themselves, to widen their perspective about money and personal financial decisions. This class will be taught by Debbie Black, who received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Teaching Certificate with a Science Concentration from UNC-Greensboro. Since then, she has worked as a nurse, a Guilford County school teacher, a homeschool mom, and a tutor for a local homeschool group. (15 Weeks)


Honors Extra: For the Spring Semester, which will be US Economics, the students will be required to explore the different types of economies around the world. Based on the research, or their own opinion, they will write a research paper comparing and contrasting the economies. The students will complete the semester with a research paper supporting their ideas and will present the paper to their peers.

These activities are designed to promote independent learning, as the teacher will be available for assistance on an as needed basis once the research has been initiated. Critical thinking, research skills, and time management will be stressed. All of which are important for a successful further secondary and post-secondary education.

**All Honors Extra classes meet from 10am-Noon on Thursdays at Greensboro Seventh-Day Adventist Church (1320 Fleming Rd). Students will also receive weekly instruction on a rotating schedule of topics including: study skills, research, public speaking, and debate. The honors option will incur an additional tuition charge of $150 per course.