Geography for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Geography for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Course: Geography for Grades 3-5 

Instructor: Windy Sasser 


Price: $175 

Curriculum: World Geography and Cultures: Literature-Based 

Course Description: 

Using a literature-based approach to learning about world geography we will complete fun projects, activities, and art as we move through different countries learning about the different cultures, people, languages, foods, flags, schools, sports,  and many interesting facts about each country we visit. We will do some map work and read literature about each country. This class is taught by Windy Sasser, a homeschooling mom, and former public elementary school teacher. She has a  degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Counseling. She taught elementary grades in Guilford County Public Schools until she decided to stay home after her first daughter was born. She has three sweet daughters now and is presently leading each of them through their education at home. This will be the first time teaching this particular class at Friendly  Educators. (26 weeks)