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Financial Peace for Grades 10 - 12 (2:00)

Financial Peace for Grades 10 - 12 (2:00)

Course: Financial Peace for Grades 10 - 12

Instructor: Mindy Starnes


Price: $170

Class Description: Learn to take control of money and make it work for you as a tool. Explore the psychological connections to money and the effects it can have on you. Gain an understanding of how to attack debt and avoid it in the first place. Prepare yourself for the future with the proper insurance and retirement plans. Build wealth and enjoy financial freedom.

Curriculum:  Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Homework Requirements: Weekly review of work discussed in class and follow-up reading. Some workbook homework, mock budgeting etc. 1-2 hours of work outside of class each week

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: Each student will need to purchase a FPU access code for access to the class materials and workbook. If more than 1 student per family is attending, only one code will need to be purchased.

Grading: Class will be pass/fail based on attendance and class participation

Teacher Bio: Nurse and former financial professional. Passionate about helping people and I greatly enjoy helping people reach their financial goals. I believe teaching children how to use their money correctly from the start is key to their successful beginning.

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