Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Course:  Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (9:00)

Instructor:  Connie Kamenz


Price:  $185

Curriculum:  Introduction to Public Speaking by IEW. Student workbook required (price to be announced).

Course Description: This is a brand new course developed by IEW.  From the IEW website:

"This course introduces your middle school and high school students to the processes and practices that will help them build competence and confidence in public speaking.  Students will learn techniques for memorizing speeches and poems, exercises for their voices, tips for better persuasion, strategies for impromptu speeches, and more!"


Connie Kamenz is a homeschool Mom of 10 years, and previous tutor with Classical Conversations.  She holds a degree in Fashion Technique and Design and spent over 20 years in the fashion industry as a buyer and product developer.  She also holds a degree in Computer Technology and Internet Development and has 3 years experience as a website designer and product manager.