©Crankin Engines and Auto Upkeep for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

©Crankin Engines and Auto Upkeep for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

***Please note: this class is FULL***


Course: ©Crankin Engines and Auto Upkeep for Grades 9-12

Instructor: Mandie Rose

Email: mechanichics@gmail.com

Price: $225

Curriculum: Auto Upkeep, latest edition @ homeschool.autoupkeep.com, needed by week 6 of class. $44 + shipping for text and workbook.

Homework Description: Students will have approximately 10 open-ended questions per week to answer as review for Crankin Engines for the first part of the fall semester.

For Auto Upkeep, expect to spend 5-ish hours per week on reading the chapter and finishing workbook assignments (both study questions and lab activities; some require basic tools at home and parent involvement).

Homework Duration: CE 1 hr per week, AU 5-ish hrs per week.

Course Description: ©Crankin Engines is an exciting hands-on only class that uses a Briggs & Stratton 4 horsepower engine to explore small engine mechanics. Students will tear down each engine with a partner while learning about mechanics, geometry, chemistry, physics, and more. Tools and safety equipment are discussed, both are included. Once completed, the students will then have the opportunity to tear down the engines and rebuild them with little instructor input or correction. Mistakes are encouraged, because it’s the best way to learn. Once the engines are assembled correctly, we will test the engines to see if they crank during fall semester. When CE is completed, students will begin 20 weeks of ©Auto Upkeep. Each week, they’ll be expected to read ahead a chapter. The chapter is not covered again in detail, but the required end of chapter questions are

checked before proceeding to the weekly activity. Class time is mostly lab time, where students will actively learn life skills related to automotive ownership. The first half of the class is mostly paperwork, such as shopping for insurance, whether to buy or lease, how many hours a week they need to work to afford a vehicle and maintenance (student favorite!), getting written work estimates, etc. Parental involvement is higher during

this portion. For the second half of class, the students will learn hands-on skills based on the chapter theme. Examples: for emergency repairs, we will change a tire; for electrical system, we will test the battery and alternator. The workbook lab activities require basic tools, and tools that are easily rented from auto parts stores. This class counts as one full year of credit, and I believe should be a requirement for every person before obtaining a license. Students should bring clothing that is able to get greasy, long hair pulled back, no strings or jewelry, and a respectful attitude. 10 students required for class.


Mandie is the owner and head mechanic at MechaniChics LLC, a small engine, appliance, and automotive mobile mechanic business. Her education is in Broadcasting, Accounting, and Automotive Systems at Wilkes Community College, and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Financial Administration at UNC-P. Her hardest work is homeschooling her rambunctious children who range in age from 15 to 3. She has been teaching Crankin Engines since 2014, and Auto Upkeep since 2015 all over NC, in co-ops and as summer camps.