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Crazy Concoctions for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

Crazy Concoctions for Grades 3-5 (11:00)

** This Class is Full**


Course: Crazy Concoctions for Grades 3-5

Instructor: Windy Sasser


Price: $225.00

Class Description: Do you love science experiments? Do you love to get messy? Do you like using your senses to explore? Do you enjoy creating? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this class is for you! Get ready for a hands-on fun-filled mess-making time in this Crazy Concoctions class.

Curriculum: Tutor developed

Homework Requirements: What? Homework? We homeschool! Who needs more Home work at home? NO homework from this class.

Duration: 28 weeks.

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: You’ll need a smock, or just an old T-shirt will suffice, to get started. There may be some little things here and there that you will bring in, but nothing a quick home scavenger hunt won’t supply.

Grading: Not graded, but you will pass.

Teacher Bio: Windy Sasser is a homeschooling mom and former public elementary school teacher. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Counseling. She taught elementary grades in Guilford County Public Schools until she decided to stay home after her first daughter was born. She has three sweet daughters now and is presently leading each of them through their education at home. This will be the second year leading this particular class at Friendly Educators.

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