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Creative Writing! for Grades 6-8 (11:00)

Creative Writing! for Grades 6-8 (11:00)

Please note - this class is full.


Course: Creative Writing! for Grades 6-8

Grade Range: 6-8

Instructor: Shelley Campbell


Price: $200 for 28 weeks

Course Description:

Creative Writing is organized into writing-workshop style classes that will encourage your child to write regularly in ways that are life-giving and fun! The practice of creative writing relieves stress and improves students’ thought-clarification process as well as their overall communication skills. This is valuable at any age but especially so during these transitional, middle-grade years! Through project-based learning, students will create short stories, poetry, plays/screenplays, speeches and essays (both narrative and fictitious). We will train our minds to find inspiration everywhere! Students will gain a foundation in literary analysis as we will focus on both the why (our purpose for writing) and the how (learning to utilize literary devices to help accomplish our writing goals). The aim of this course is to provide students with an encouraging environment to write and share, a healthy outlet for expression and to help students build up their confidence and abilities to communicate both creatively and effectively through the art of writing.

Curriculum: Instructor developed, borrowing some from Craft Lessons by Ralph Fletcher

Prerequisites: none

Materials: 3 ring binder, spiral notebook, pencils (total cost estimated is less than $15)

Homework: Less than 1 hour per week (we will practice lots of writing during our class time together and students will complete unfinished assignments at home). 

Duration: 28 Weeks

Grading: Instructor will provide students with ample feedback during student/tutor conferences that will be held during our regular class time.

Teacher Bio: Creative Writing is taught by Shelley Campbell. Shelley is a published writer and has a degree in middle grades education. She has been teaching her own children (ages 15, 13, 11, and 8) since the beginning of their schooling and has thoroughly enjoyed tutoring at FE for the past 5 years. 

Minimum/Maximum: Minimum-5, Maximum-15 

Communication: Weekly emails will be sent out to make sure that parents know exactly what their children are learning and students have a clear record of expectations and assignments.


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