Digital Disciples for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

Digital Disciples for Grades 7-12 (11:00)

     ***This is a 1 Semester / 13 Week FALL Course ***


Course: Digital Disciples (Grades 7-12) 

Instructor: Dr. Jason Noble


Price: $150

Curriculum:  The curriculum for this class was written and developed by the instructor.  It has been refined and focused over several years, combining the best instructional ideas relating to teaching teenagers how to live in this world as well-rounded digital citizens with the timeless lessons of Biblical discipleship.   How do we follow Jesus in the virtual, digital world?  The same way we follow him in the material, physical world.  Discipleship principles are timeless and transcend worlds. 

For more information you can explore curriculum developed and distributed by Common Sense Media.  The scope and sequence of the class was originally formed around the Commonsense Education K-12 Digital Citizenship class.  Adjustments were made to the teaching outline provided by Common Sense Media in the interest of highlighting a Christian understanding of our interaction with digital media.  You can access the Common Sense Media scope and sequence here: 

 Homework: Students will be asked to invest 1-3 hours per week in this course.  The time allotted can be moderated by the parents depending on the parent’s leaning goals for the student and the student’s learning capacity.  Homework includes assignments like: reading, journaling, writing assignments, projects, and/or watching digital content.   

Course Description and Duration: The purpose of this course is to teach students how to live in and navigate the digital world in which they live with wisdom and to the glory of God.  We believe it is important for our youth to have a good and well-founded understanding of the great opportunities and the potentially disastrous pit-falls associated with living in a digital world.  In this class we will equip students with the skills needed to make wise digital choices, discern risks, behave in God honoring ways in their digital lives, and understand the new world of adolescent digital marketing. This is a 13 week Fall semester course.


This class is taught by Dr. Jason Noble, the Preaching Minister at the Friendly Avenue Church of Christ.  He is the father of four homeschooled children, and he enjoys helping coach the Forsyth Home Educators Home School Baseball Team each spring.  Jason has his Doctorate in Preaching and Church leadership, and has authored books on the Gospel of Luke, Grief and Forgiveness.