Dimensions Math for Grades 4-5 (10:00)

Dimensions Math for Grades 4-5 (10:00)

Course: Dimensions Math for Grades 4-5

Instructor: Stephanie Penick

Email: sew_13@yahoo.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: Dimensions Math 4A & 4B

Homework Description: Students will be assigned extra review sheets and workbook pages to do at home throughout the week to practice/reinforce the topics covered in class, as well as cumulative reviews.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours each week

Course Description: Using the Singapore math method that focuses on mastery through the gradual sequencing of concepts, students will learn to think mathematically, not simply memorization and replication. Using the Dimensions Math Textbooks to introduce concepts through logical sequencing, the weekly lessons will encourage discussion and help students reach fluency through engaging activities and strategies. Corresponding exercises in workbooks will be assigned to help students consolidate and practice new knowledge. Your student will progress through 26 lessons covering topics such as: place value, addition & subtraction for numbers to one million, word problems, multiples & factors, multiplication by one and two-digit numbers, division (up to 4 digit number divided by one digit number), fractions (adding, subtracting, common denominators, comparing, multiplying by whole number), line graphs and line plots, measurement, geometry (lines, angles, shapes, cuboids, area & perimeter), decimals to hundr edths (comparing, rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplication & division).


This class is taught by Stephanie Penick, homeschooling mom to her two boys. She has a BS in Mathematics and Finance from High Point University, and a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance from UNCC.