English 1 for Grades 9 - 10 (1:00)

English 1 for Grades 9 - 10 (1:00)

Course: English for Grades 9-10 (1:00) 

Instructor: Callie Cornelius 

Email: cacorneliustutor@gmail.com 

Price: $275 

Curriculum: IEW’s Advanced U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, The Last of the Mohicans (Cooper), Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Franklin), Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe), Huckleberry Finn (Twain), To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee), The Boy on the Wooden Box (Leyson), The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway) 

Course Description (and Duration): This course will make use of the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Advanced U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons and the books recommended therein to expose students to American literature while teaching them how to write effective poems, essays, formal cretiques, and more. During the course of this semester, students will be reading American classics. This course is a High School English credit. This class is taught by Callie Cornelius, a homeschool graduate and current college student pursuing a degree in Ancient History with a minor in Literature. Callie benefited from learning from a wide range of curriculum during her homeschool education, including

Classical Conversations and Veritas Press. This will be her second year teaching for Classical Conversations and her first year at FE. (30 Weeks)