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Keys to Success for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

Course: Keys to Success for Grades 9-12 (1:00)

Instructor: Caleb Zeigler

Email: czeigler95@gmail.com

Price: $150/semester

Curriculum: None; anything used will be provided by instructor


Course Description: This class is for students who could use some guidance in building up their own career path doing what they love. While success looks different for everybody, Caleb will outline steps that everybody can take to help students make a living and sustainable career doing what they love. With his experience teaching guitar and playing concerts for most of his life, Caleb loves helping other people have the same enjoyment from doing what they love as well. By the end of this class, students will have a better understanding on what it takes to live out your dreams and hopefully make a career out of it. Various materials and information sources will be used, such as Ted Talks or sections from critically acclaimed books. However, this class will be taught primarily from Caleb’s point of view and experience, while also answering direct questions the students have. (13 weeks)