Explore Art History through Chalk Pastel & Oil Pastel for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Explore Art History through Chalk Pastel & Oil Pastel for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

Course: Explore Art History through Chalk Pastel & Oil Pastel; Fine Art Still Life  Grades 6-8   1 Semester  

Pictures & Words (Character Illustration Inspired by Creative Writing Challenges)    1 Semester

Instructor: Florbela Nienaber

Email: naturalliving4us@gmail.com

Price: $270

Curriculum: Carson Pastel Paper Color Grey or Earth Tone 9x12in 98lb (Amazon) or similar; Tracing Paper;

Carson/Stratmore/Arteza Spiral Sketchbook Mixed Media 9x12in 90lb+ or similar

Course Description (and Duration):  (No prior experience required) 30 weeks

First semester: Focus will be on exploration of chalk and oil pastels. Students will learn form, how to blend pastels, add texture, tone, value, and dimension during fine art still life sessions. We will create works of art inspired by masters, including the use of textures in landscapes and animals. There will be a discussion on the use of pastels in book and character illustration for later use during 2nd half of semester. Skills learned in this class is a great stepping stone and transition well into any medium or mix media.

Last semester: During this semester we will do three minute challenges in this Creative Writing/Brainstorming Class. Story ideas sometimes get stuck in a creative block. Get your creative juices flowing with this fun (and sometimes wonderfully weird class) in which we write three sentences in three minutes on two given topics, then share our work! From this class you will gain several ideas and skills you can use when you need inspiration for longer work! (Laughing-out-loud is aloud during this class). Students will end semester, using the skills previously learned in pastels to create a character or a fantasy animal inspired from their stories.


This class is taught by Florbela Nienaber. Florbela attended Valencia College in Florida pursuing an education in Fine Arts. In addition she attended local community schools expanding her art skills and mediums. A mentorship with a Disney Imagineer kickstarted her career in sculpting for Disney and Universal Studios. Since then she’s explored other art forms while raising her children. Inspired by children’s literature, she took to creative writing. She got her start writing puppet scripts for her church, which later transitioned to short stories. Florbela has attended children’s literature writing & illustration conferences and has participated in writing critiques groups. During her children’s elementary years she taught art to budding artists in the community, and homeschooling groups. On weekdays she homeschools her two girls, but some evenings and weekends she opens her studio to art & pottery classes for both children and adults in Kernersville.