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Fun with Phonics for Grades K-2 (2:00)

Fun with Phonics for Grades K-2 (2:00)

Course: Fun with Phonics for Grades K-2
Instructor: Lindsay Darienzo
Price: $175
Class Description: Students will learn and practice various phonetic awareness skills, consonant and digraph blends, segmenting and spelling words, open and closed syllable concepts, and vowel teams. We will go through lessons as needed, based on student needs. We will also play games to reinforce skills learned in class. I am excited to instill a love of reading in my students.  

Curriculum: We will use supplemental material to cover the phonetic skill(s) learned each week. 
Homework Requirements: Students will be given a work sheet each week for parents to help build on and improve what was learned that week.
Duration: 28 weeks
Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: pencils, 2-pocket folder to keep lessons in, crayons, glue stick, and children's scissors 
Grading: not graded
Teacher Bio: Hello, I am Lindsay Darienzo. I am currently a stay at home mom, who is homeschooling my 2nd grader and preschooler. I have a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with majors in English and History. I have 5 years traditional classroom experience, and 2 years experience as a teacher in a hybrid homeschool academy in Florida. Additionally, I am finishing up my fifth year homeschooling. This is my first year at Friendly Educators. My favorite part of teaching is the light bulb moment - when a student understands a concept (they may have previously struggled with), and you see their face light up in understanding. I have a passion for reading (I love to read in my spare time, especially Historical Fiction), teaching, and Jesus. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I would love to have your student in my class!

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