Spanish 1 for Grades 9-12 (10:00)

Spanish 1 for Grades 9-12 (10:00)

Course: Spanish 1 for Grades 9-12 (10:00)

Instructor: Abigail Hicks


Price: $250

Curriculum: No required purchase, but access to technology/internet outside of class is a must.

Course Description: Spanish 1 is a high school level class that allows students to get credit for graduation. Students will master basic conversation skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Class will be conducted in a mixture of Spanish and English, but with a focus of Spanish. Students will need to study and do work at home in order to be successful in this class. Students will be introduced to present tense grammar in this class and will be able to communicate about most present topics. This class is taught by Abigail Hicks. She has been a Spanish teacher for the past eleven years with the Guilford County School system and was a missionary in Peru where she became fluent in Spanish and became experienced in the Spanish culture.. She has decided to homeschool her own children. (30 weeks)

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