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God & Me! Devotions for Girls for Grades 6-8 (1:00)

God & Me! Devotions for Girls for Grades 6-8 (1:00)



Course: God & Me! Devotions for Girls for Grades 6-8

Instructor: Ashleigh G. Crawley


Price: $200

Class Description: We are going to learn what it means to be the best Christian girl that we can be! Each of these devotional lessons will share the heart of the Father in a relatable way to your young girls. This will be a time for them to draw closer to the Lord and get to know the heavenly Father better. As we go through this sweet time of fellowship and devotion your girls will find out more about God, how to be a Christian while helping their understanding of the Bible in a deeper way.


(A message to your girl!)

Hey girls,

Did you know the God wants to be your best friend? Well during our class time we will find out what God wants and how he wants the best for our lives. As we complete our weekly devotional, we will find out more about God and how to be a Christian. After we read each devotion, there will be a fun activity to help us understand the Bible! Stories about fictional girls, devotionals, scriptures, journaling, quizzes, crafts and other activities that will show us how to live out God’s special plan for our lives. Let’s get excited to start our new friendship with God.


Mrs. Ashleigh


Curriculum: God and Me! Volume 3: Devotions for girls age 10-12 by Kathy Widenhouse

Homework Requirements: Journaling 10-15 minutes

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: God and Me! Volume 3: Devotions for girls age 10-12 by Kathy WidenhouseJournal/ spiral notebook

Grading: Not Graded

Teacher Bio: Tutor Bio: My name is Ashleigh Crawley. I am the owner of Still Shots Photography located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. It has been my privilege to offer premier portrait and wedding photography services for over 25 years. As a little girl I knew that photography would be my career path and as a adult today I still hold this art in highest regard. I'm grateful to God that the early discovery of my gifts allowed more room for growth as a leader and mentor in my field. My husband, Andrew, lovingly known as "Jay", truly is my soul mate and for over 20 years has tremendously supported me in my career. In the spring of 2007, he critically aided me in launching out full time in business. He has blessed me with four of the biggest milestones in my life: (1) sharing the salvation message, (2) taking me as his wife, (3) helping me to pursue my career full time, and (4) parenting our daughter. For this I am eternally grateful. When I am not holding a camera I am spending time with my beautiful daughter, Olivia Jayleigh. I enjoy motherhood to the fullest… homeschool, co-op, lots of mommy & daughter play dates—all of it. She is truly a joyous blessing in our lives; everything you could and would imagine a 9-year old to be and MORE! When I have a free moment to myself I indulge in all things girly and glamorous. As a Southern Belle I love sipping sweet tea and greeting friends, and strangers, with a big "HEY Yall"!  I also may be a little addicted to creating design boards and following the latest trends. My favorite color is pinkish-red (the sweet Lord knew I  needed a baby girl in my life!)

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