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High School Speech and Debate for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

High School Speech and Debate for Grades 9-12 (9:00)

Course: High School Speech and Debate for Grades 9-12

Instructor: Charissa Sabra


Price: $200

Class Description: This course provides an intensive overview of speech and team policy debate for high school students from a Christ-centered perspective. Over the course of the year students will practice delivering multiple types of speeches, including impromptu, persuasive, and extemporaneous, and will participate in team policy debate. Students will also develop research, logical reasoning, and speechwriting skills. We will use the 2023-2024 STOA team policy debate resolution as our debate topic for the year so that students are able to enter official tournaments if they so desire (optional).

Curriculum: 2023-2024 STOA team policy debate resolution

Homework Requirements: Students should expect to spend 2-5 hours a week on research, writing, and speech practice

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: Each student must have access to email, internet, a printer, and MS Word and/or Google docs. Students should bring a legal pad, a portable filing system such as an accordion file folder, colored sticky notes and tabs, and colored highlighters to class

Grading: Numeric grades will be provided at the end of each semester. Grades will be based on class attendance, preparation, participation, and presentation.

Teacher Bio: I believe that God has given each of His children words to speak, and I am passionate about helping each student develop the gifts that God gave them. As a high school student I competed nationally in speech and debate through NCFCA, which was hugely beneficial preparation for my future life. I went on to earn a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as an MBA from the American University of Beirut. I served for six years as the principal of Access International School in Lebanon, where I also taught English. I now live in Pleasant Garden, NC, a grateful homeschool mom of two.

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