Human Anatomy and Physiology for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Human Anatomy and Physiology for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

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Course: Science: Human Anatomy and Physiology (3-5) 

Instructor: Windy Sasser 


Price: $200 

Curriculum: Human Anatomy and Physiology 

Course Description: 

Using a combination of curricula, including Apologia, we will study the design and intricacy of the human body. We will  work through some of the body systems including: muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous/ endocrine, immune, and integumentary. The goal is not to quickly get through them all, but to thoroughly learn about and  understand each system’s main organs, their functions, locations and many interesting facts that will inspire us all to  continue to dive deeper, become more aware of God’s miraculous design and to be more inclined to take of the body God  designed for each of us. Each student will have an interactive project that we will work on throughout the year that they  will be able to take home at the end of year that can be used for practice and further study. We may nt get to all of the  body systems in one year. 

This class is taught by Windy Sasser, a homeschooling mom and former public elementary school teacher. She has a  degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Counseling. She taught elementary grades in Guilford County Public Schools  until she decided to stay home after her first daughter was born. She has three sweet daughters now and is presently  leading each of them through their education at home. This will be the first time teaching this particular class at Friendly  Educators. (26 weeks)