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Logic - Art of the Argument for Grades 7-9 (11:00)

Course: Logic - Art of the Argument for Grades 7-9 (11:00)

Instructor: Christina Stone

Email: inesdecree@hotmail.com

Price: $175

Min./Max:  max 10 students

Curriculum: Art of the Argument by Aaron Larson


Course Description: This is a middle school friendly logic curriculum designed to introduce informal fallacies and reasoning. This curriculum does focus on media content and propaganda in the form of advertisements, news, and politics. We will also discuss the National Defense Authorization Act amendment 114 in May of 2012, which allows the US government to use propaganda on US citizens, overturning the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. I would like the students to have access to the internet to find current examples of all the concepts we will be discussing. There is a lot of material and we will have to double up on some lessons to fit them into the year, so expect blocks of extra homework. I hope this will be an interactive class with discussion and I will focus on understanding content. (26 weeks)