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Latin II for Grades 3-6 (1:00)

Course: Latin II for Grades 3-6 (1:00)

Instructor: Christina Stone

Email: inesdecree@hotmail.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: Getting Started with Latin for Homeschoolers by William E. Linney and Latin Vocabulary, Quick Study Academic by BarCharts, Inc. (Both can be found at Amazon), colored pencils

Min/Max: Max 10 


Course Description: Latin ll will be a continuation of Latin l. The goal will be to finish the text Getting Started with Latin. The students will work with nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives in the present tense. We focus heavily on grammar. The class will also include extra words, historical ideas and the reading of myths surrounding the period. The curriculum getting started with Latin is the perfect precursor to high school Latin. Once the text is finished the students will have the skills to begin most high school Latin curriculums. That being said, it is not my goal to push the students. The class moves at a relaxed pace. Sometimes we move quickly and sometimes we slow down depending on the need for the material with lots of repetition, reviews and tons of homework. This class is taught by Christina Stone, a homeschool mom of 4 years and proud parent of two children who attend Friendly Educators. Feel free to approach me with questions or email. (26 weeks)