High School Latin 1 (2:00)

High School Latin 1 (2:00)

Note: If you did NOT take Latin with Mrs. Stone at FE last year, you must contact her to receive approval prior to registration.


Course: High School Latin 1 (2:00)

Instructor: Christina Stone

Email: inesdecree@hotmail.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: Memoria Press High First Form Latin - but no purchase is required.


Course Description: This class will be a third year continuation for our current elementary and middle school Latin students. While this class will be starting a new beginning curriculum for high school, this is not open to new students except with teacher approval as this class will be designed to move at a rate to accommodate our current students. This class teaches classical Latin and its pronunciations. This class is taught by Christina Stone, a homeschool mom of 4 years and proud parent of two children who attend Friendly Educators. Feel free to approach me with questions or email. (26 weeks)

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