Introduction to Psychology for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Introduction to Psychology for Grades 9-12 (11:00)

Course: 9-12 Introduction to Psychology

Instructor: Stepheny Seabolt


Price: $250

Curriculum: Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

**NOTE: The required text for this class can be purchased at Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective - . An email will be sent to all registered students one month before classes start with a discount code created just for our class, so you may want to wait to purchase until receiving that email.

Homework Description: Homework during the week will involve both written and oral work. Expect to spend approximately 1 – 2 hours per week maximum on homework.

Duration: 30 weeks

Course Description: What are the different parts of the brain? Is there really any difference between Christian counseling and crisis intervention? What role does genetics play in learning? Why would a high school student want to learn about abnormal psychology? This year-long class will cover all of these topics and many more, and will aim to show how fascinating the world of psychology and the human brain really are. Students should come to class each week ready to participate in discussions and fully engage in learning.


This class is taught by Stepheny Seabolt, who is in her 9th year of homeschooling her three kids, ages 11, 13, and 16. She has an AAS in Business Administration from GTCC, owns her own homeschool curriculum and book consignment shop, and works as both the Schoolhouse Ambassador Mentor and Support Group Liaison for The Old Schoolhouse®. Never one to back down from a challenge, she loves getting her hands dirty, going barefoot, and watching those “lightbulb” moments happen during the homeschooling day.