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Introduction to Writing for Grades 3-5 (9:00)

Introduction to Writing for Grades 3-5 (9:00)

Course: Introduction to Writing for Grades 3-5
Instructor: Shelley Campbell
Price: $200
Class Description: This class offers a smorgasbord of writing opportunities! Students will work on writing narrations, letters, stories, essays, poetry and more. My goal is to meet students where they are in their writing journeys and gently help them grow from there. We will practice by reading high quality picture books during class, training ourselves to read like writers. Students will then practice writing, employing the tactics used by the authors whose work we are enjoying. While we will work on strategies to strengthen the overall quality of students’ writing, the focus of this class will be on process over product. My goal is for students to come to enjoy writing and recognize its practical value as they develop increasing confidence in their abilities to express their own thoughts and ideas on paper!
Curriculum: Developed by the instructor, borrowing some from Mentor Texts
Homework Requirements: Writing assignments (approximately 30 minutes per week)
Duration: 28 weeks
Teacher Bio: This course is taught by Shelley Campbell. She has a degree in education (middle grades language arts and social studies) and loves both the art of writing and working with kids. Shelley has been homeschooling her four kids (ages 14, 12, 10, and 7) for 11 wonderful years!

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