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Latin I for Grades 9-11 (11:00)

Latin I for Grades 9-11 (11:00)

Course Name: Latin I for Grades 9-11
Grade Range: 9–11
Instructor: Callie Cornelius
Price: $260 for 28 weeks
Course Description: Latin 1 will introduce students to the language of Western civilization. An understanding of Latin is vital to mastery of English, as well as the sciences; it is the language of law, logic, politics, and theology. This course will introduce students to Latin noun and verb endings, parts of speech, and vocabulary with an emphasis on comprehension and memorization. Students will complete exercises and read real Latin passages in “Introduction to Latin” by Susan Shelmerdine to enforce learning and aid in understanding. Exercises will be graded and feedback will be given each week as students seek to understand the world by learning this crucial language. This course counts as a High School Foreign Language credit. 
Course Prerequisites: None
Curriculum used by Instructor: “Introduction to Latin” Second Edition by Susan C. Shelmerdine
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: “Introduction to Latin” Second Edition by Susan C. Shelmerdine (Approximately $35)
Homework Requirements: Students will complete exercises in the textbook throughout the week and spend time memorizing noun/verb endings and vocabulary. Expect 2-3 focused hours per week outside of class. 
Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: Percentage and Letter Grade
Course Credit: High School Foreign Language
Teacher Bio: Callie Cornelius is a homeschool graduate and current university student pursuing a degree in Classical Civilizations with a focus in Latin at UNCG. Callie benefited from learning from a wide range of curriculum during her homeschool education, including Classical Conversations and Veritas Press. She is passionate about the homeschool community and providing families with the best education. This will be her fifth year teaching and studying Latin and her fourth at FE. 
Min/Max # of Students: 4 min/15 max
Method and Frequency of communication: Weekly emails 

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