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LEGO- Bricks and Robotics for Grades K-2 (11:00)

LEGO- Bricks and Robotics for Grades K-2 (11:00)



Course: LEGO- Bricks and Robotics for Grades K-2

Instructor: Ashley Washam


Price: $250

Class Description: Let your young child explore everything that is LEGO bricks! The first 14 weeks of this class will be focused on LEGO builds (build a robot, build a house, build a bridge, etc.). Every week will be themed and your young engineers will work individually and then share their builds with each other. During the second 14 weeks, your young engineer will be introduced to motors and simple programming and will make their builds come alive! In these sessions, expect to build moving robots, cars, helicopters, frogs and so much more!

Curriculum: Instructor developed

Homework Requirements: none

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: none

Grading: none

Teacher Bio: My name is Ashley Washam, a homeschooling mom to my son Jackson. The 2023/2024 school year will be our third year attending Friendly Educators. I’m excited to offer history classes for grades 3-5. I will also be tutoring in my second year of Lego and a Lego Robotics. We build everything from simple buildings/structures to small robotic things using the Lego We Do program.

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