Life Skills 101 for Grades 10-12 (10:00)

Life Skills 101 for Grades 10-12 (10:00)

Course: Life Skills 101 for Grades 10-12

Instructor: Jennie Weekley


Price: $285

Curriculum: No other cost

Course Description (and duration):  “Tools to prepare your teen for adulthood and guiding them through those first curves of adulting.” Every homeschool mother’s dream is to launch her kids out into the world with them being fully prepared to handle the challenges of being an adult. This class focuses on practical topics for home and the workplace. Topics for the 101 class may include: “Can You Afford to Leave Home? (Learning to Budget Expenses and Income); “Love Languages” (Learning to Communicate with Friends, Family and Everyone Else); and “Workplace Expectations and Interviewing Skills.”  “Goals and Planning For The Future” (High School, College, Work and Beyond); “Balancing Your Life and Self Care”(Netflix, Chores and Other Choices to Make); and “Planning and Organizing Your Life,” (Habits, Fun and Responsibilities). 30 weeks.

This class is taught by Jennie Weekley, a professional tutor and teacher, who runs her own tutoring business and has a degree in Early Childhood Education from UNC. Jennie homeschooled all three of her children who are now finding success in the college and working world.