Literature for Grades 3-5 (2:00)

Literature for Grades 3-5 (2:00)

Course: Literature

Instructor: Windy Sasser


Price: $225

Curriculum: MIX - Purchased and Self Developed

Homework Description: Reading 15-20 minutes 1-2 times per week

Duration: 26 weeks

Course Description: Exploring living books and wonderful authors past and present. What does it take to earn a Caldocott Award, or the Coretta Scott King Award? What about the Newberry Medal, the Horn Book Award and the Hans Christian Anderson Award? Literature brings to life things that we cannot see or may not have been able to experience in our lifetime. Literature is a way to use words to draw a reader into the authors’ minds, imaginations and dreams, real and make believe. Join me on a literary adventure as we explore fiction, non fiction, historical fiction and many more. Be inspired by the words of many authors and maybe one day you’ll become a published author too.  A book list will be sent out ahead of class.  


This class is taught by Windy Sasser, a homeschooling mom and former public elementary school teacher. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Counseling. She taught elementary grades in Guilford County Public Schools until she decided to stay home after her first daughter was born. She now has three sweet daughters and is presently leading each of them through their education at home. This will be the first time teaching this particular class at Friendly Educators.