Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (11:00)

Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (11:00)

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Course:  Public Speaking for Grades 6-8 (11:00)

Instructor:  Erin English


Price:  $180

Curriculum:  Will be posted later

Course Description:

Scared to speak in front of a group? You're not alone!  This course will help your child become more comfortable with public speaking through activities, games, recitations, and short speeches. Students will learn the basic elements of good speaking and develop confidence as they communicate orally with others.  We'll cover many aspects of presenting, such as appearance, facial expressions, eye contact, body language, and using your voice correctly.  Students will learn the basics of organizing and presenting a speech and will have ample opportunity to practice in an informal, non-threatening, encouraging environment. Erin English is a Mom of three daughters ages 9-15 and will be starting her 8th year at FE! She's taught math and science courses and served on the board for the last 4 years.