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Make a Joyful Noise! for Ages 2 - 3 (1:00)

Make a Joyful Noise! for Ages 2 - 3 (1:00)

Course Name:  Make a Joyful Noise! for Ages 2 - 3
Age Range: Pre-K Ages 2 - 3   
Instructor: Jessica Smith
Price: $150 for 28 weeks
Course Description: All children are born with an aptitude for music, and the best way to nurture this aptitude is through active music making. The philosopher Plato said, “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.” By singing and dancing with our children in a variety of tonalities, meters and styles, we are helping our children reach their full music potential. This class will be filled with activities that help foster the natural sense of musical wonder already within the child, develop listening skills and sense of beat, and establish the foundation for future learning.  Singing, bouncing, moving, dancing, listening, echo and repeat patterns, and playing of various instruments will help develop a strong sense of musicality and further the child’s appreciation for the beauty of music.

Course Prerequisites: None
Curriculum used by Instructor: Developed by Instructor
Books & Supplies required for purchase by families: *OPTIONAL* subscription to app with some of the music used in the course.
Homework Requirements: Students will be expected to share their joyful noises at home each week!

Duration: 28 weeks
Grading: n/a
Course Credit: n/a
Teacher Bio: Jessica is a Wake Forest University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, former public school teacher, former private school reading specialist, and private piano teacher. She developed a love of music at a very early age, and her passion for all things musical has continued to grow since beginning her family’s home education journey. Jessica is passionate about books, travel, the arts in all forms, and natural healthcare.  She has been homeschooling her six children for 10 years and graduated her oldest child, now a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in vocal performance, in spring 2022. Her oldest son also plans to pursue a degree in piano performance upon graduation in 2025. 
Min/Max # of Students: Min. 7; Max. 12
Method and Frequency of communication: Tutor will communicate with parents via email on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

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