Elementary Math Skills and Drills for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Elementary Math Skills and Drills for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Course: Elementary Math Skills and Drills for Grades 3-5 (10:00)

Instructor: Jennie Weekley

Email: weekleytutoring@gmail.com

Price: $185

Curriculum: No purchase required


Course Description: Multiplication, Division and Fractions can completely get the best of you in elementary school! Sometimes fun drills and games with your friends help you learn better the facts you need for the higher level maths that are to come. This 26 week class is for those students who know how to multiply, divide and add, subtract and multiply fractions but want to get faster and learn those facts backwards and forward. We will play games week after week and even make some to take home to practice. This 13 week class will provide fun but much needed skill development and memorizing.This elective does not replace a math class for your homeschool. This class is taught by Jennie Weekley, a professional tutor and teacher, who runs her own tutoring business and has a degree in Early Childhood Education from UNC. Jennie homeschooled all three of her children who are now finding success in the college and working world. (26 weeks)

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