High School Health and PE for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

High School Health and PE for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Course: High School Health and PE for Grades 9-12 (2:00)

Instructor: Carmen Lowery

Email: bclowery@bellsouth.net

Price: $160  

Curriculum: “Total Health: Choices for a winning lifestyle” by Susan Boe (it has a big green pear on the front cover!) Please buy this used on ebay or use bookfinder.com…the isbn # is 9781583312261


Course Description (and Duration):  This combo class will include both PE as well as a health portion. Students will be introduced to a variety of recreational/team games & sports as well as wellness-related activities. The goal of this class will be to focus on cardiovascular fitness with an emphasis on health & wellness. Personal health will be discussed using the textbook above. This is a fantastic health book that covers physical, spiritual, & mental health with sound biblical teaching. Students will be asked to complete assignments outside of class & tests will be given. This class will be taught by Carmen Lowery, who has been homeschooling her four boys for 12 years now. She has been teaching homeschool PE classes for over 5 years & enjoys getting young people to be physically active & make healthy decisions now that will help them become healthy adults in the future.