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Science for Grades K-2 (11:00)

Course: An Introduction to Science for Grades K-2 (10:00)

Instructor: Windy Sasser

Email: windymays@gmail.com

Price: $150

Curriculum: No purchase required.


Course Description (and Duration):  Prepare to get messy! Where there is a mess… you know fun was had : ) The focus of this Science class is to have a fun experience learning and exploring many areas in science including: biology, astronomy, chemistry and physics, in order to cultivate a love for all things science related. This science class will also have math skills seamlessly integrated throughout including: numeracy, graphing, sorting, and more, during exploration activities, experiments, projects, discussions, literature and science play. There will also be some writing involved, but this will be adapted based o the skills of each child. To get a better idea of your child’s specific writing skills I will contact you before the start of the class so I can have the appropriate materials made for each student. 

This class will be facilitated by Windy Sasser, a mom of 3 amazing daughters. She has a degree in Elementary Education and was an Elementary School teacher for Guilford County before deciding to stay “home” with her daughters. She enjoys exploring different educational philosophies and learning about each child and what works best for each whether at home or in a classroom environment. She is easily excitable, and she loves planning anything from lessons to parties to field trips and, well, more parties! (this is the kind of thing that keeps her up at night! : ) She loves finding things to celebrate. My passion for motivating and inspiring others really comes out when I am able to engage students in hands-on activities while sharing knowledge, ideas, and, of course, great books together. These are the moments that make childhood so memorable! (26 Weeks)