Science for Grades 3-5 (2:00)

Science for Grades 3-5 (2:00)

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Course: Science for Grades 3-5 (2:00)

Instructor: Cynthia Zielny


Price: $200

Curriculum: Included in tuition


Course description: Propelled by  "WOW" power, this class will develop a sense of wonder about our created world through engaging hands on experiments. We will learn and employ the scientific method as we explore concepts in four key areas: Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, and Astronomy. Some topics will include states of matter, acids and bases, animal life cycles and habitats, simple machines, magnetism, the water cycle, planetary movement and the moon cycle. We will also focus on the power of observation, ingenuity, and stick-to-it-tivity as we take a look into the contributions of some famous scientists throughout time. This fascinating exploration of cosmos will be led by Cynthia Zielny, home school mom  of 20+ years. She is an excited life-long learner who is just about to wrap up her bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Guilford College. (26 weeks)

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