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A Walk Through Music History for Grades 3 - 5 (11:00)

Course: A Walk Through Music History for Grades 3 - 5 (11:00)

Instructor: Rebekah Carlson

Email: carlsonsuzukistudio@gmail.com

Price: $160  

Curriculum: No curriculum needed; a Spotify account will be helpful


Course Description: Meet composers like Satie, who stepped out every day in the same velvet suit, and Hildegard von Bingen, the 10th-century nun who was inspired by her visions to compose music. Music history will come alive through active listening, stories, games and an in-depth exploration of instrument families. Students will learn about music from 1,000 years ago up to the present; while our focus will be on the composers of “classical music,” we will also explore world music and jazz. We will also become familiar with musical notation and dip our toes into composing our own pieces! Rebekah Carlson is a registered Suzuki violin teacher with a degree in violin performance from Wheaton College, IL, with a minor in music history. She has played in various ensembles, including the NC Opera, the NC Ballet, the Duke Chapel Orchestra, and the Greensboro Symphony, and she currently has a studio of delightful violin students in Greensboro. Rebekah has taken her students on performance tours to Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy, and has seen how music history comes alive when children form deep connections to music. Rebekah is a second-generation homeschooler and loves learning alongside her children, Ingrid and Jonah. (26 weeks)