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Nature and Numbers for Grades K-2 (10:00)

Nature and Numbers for Grades K-2 (10:00)



Course: Nature and Numbers for Grades K-2

Instructor: Stephanie Penick


Price: $180

Class Description: Let’s explore nature and see where we can find math in God’s creation. We will explore various nature topics including plants, seeds, trees, animals, the seasons and more. While we explore the wonders of creation, we will also work on building foundational math skills for kindergarten through second grade. Topics will include counting, comparing numbers, place value, number bondsand adding/subtracting, measuring, shapes, time, money, graphs, and more.

Curriculum: Instructor developed

Homework Requirements: Students will be assigned weekly math review worksheets to do at home throughout the week to practice/reinforce the topics covered in class, as well as ideas for continuing the exploration of that week/month’s nature topic. Allow 30-40 min per week plus time to explore nature together at home

Duration: 28 weeks

Books and Supplies required for purchase by families: Notebooks, pencils, crayons. No formal textbook will be required but access to a printer to print various resources, and books will be recommended for various topics of study, but not required.

Grading: not graded

Teacher Bio: Stephanie Penick is a homeschooling mom to her two boys. She has a BS in Mathematics and Finance from High Point University, and a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance from UNCC. She loves to make math practical and fun for young minds.

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